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Evaporative Emissions System Repair Verification Drive Mode

  1. Verify that the following conditions are met.  All conditions must be within specifications before engine is started to initiate the EVAP system test.
  2. Verify that all accessory loads (A/C, headlights, climate control fan, rear window defroster) are off.
  3. Start the engine and race it with the gear selector in park at 3,500 rpm to warm it up completely (approximately 200 seconds) then return the engine to idle speed.
  4. Accelerate slowly (taking 20 seconds) until a constant speed of between 40-60 mph (65-96km/h) has been reached.  Maintain speed for 2 minutes.
  5. Stop the vehicle and use an OBD-II interface to check for Drive Mode completion.  If not complete, turn ignition key to OFF, then return to Step 1.
  6. Use an OBD-II interface to access DIAGNOSTIC MONITORING TEST RESULTS.  If "MEASs" are not within specification, repair has not been completed.
  7. Verify no DTCs are present.


[OBD-II DRIVE MODE 1 - From 2002 Mazda Millenia factory service manual]